Papa Kwesi Nduom Reveals What Makes Him A Successful Businessman

Papa Kwesi Ndoum is one of Ghana’s successful businessman known internationally.

He owns a large number of businesses and has a strong workforce made up of large number of Ghanaian employees.

Papa Kwesi Nduom reveals what makes him a successful businessman

In a bid to encourage others and motivate them to success, Papa Kwesi Ndoum, a business consultant and politician, has revealed what helped him achieve the status he is enjoying today as a successful businessman.

In an interview with Eezy FM, the Groupe Ndoum President and Chairman said that faith is the core factor that gives him the drive to be an effective businessman and a better person as a whole.

Dr Nduom affirmed that despite having his family around to give him comfort, security and a deep sense of belonging, faith is what gives him the strength to manage the highs and lows of earthly life.

So faith is my foundation. It is what when we fail that pushes us on to do more. That which next year will also make us become something better, something bigger, something more successful,” he said.

He also noted that his achievement is based on the collective faith from his employees and partners.

That has made his conglomerate, Groupe Nduom experience enormous growth since its inception few years ago, Papa Kwesi Ndoum added.

Groupe Nduom is a Multinational Family Holding Business of Ghanaian and American origin comprising of over 60 independent companies across several industries.

In Ghana, there are the many subsidiaries of the Coconut Groove Hotels; GN Bank; Gold Coast Security; Ghana Media Group (GMG) and the many other businesses owned by Papa Kwesi Ndoum.

The Group operates its diverse portfolio of business across three continents with a purpose to serve customers with enthusiasm, innovation and discipline.

Dr Nduom revealed that the 2017 has been quite a good one for his business and the collective achievement that is based on faith and as a result of many things that happened this year.

However, the road has not always been smooth for him as he has also experienced some setbacks in the past.

He also revealed how he lost a huge sum of money in a day; but in all this faith and hard work kept him going.

According to the President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom, this spurred him on to prepare a pamphlet on faith-based quotations coupled with some Bible verses as well as his brief interpretations of them which was inspired by the happenings of this year especially.

I’m having that prepared to distribute so that people inside and outside the company will understand why we speak and think the way we do,” he explained.

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