Over 20 Unlicensed Pharmacies Shut Down In Tamale

Food and Drugs Authority


The decision to close down the affected pharmacy shops comes after operators of the shops failed to meet the council’s ultimatum to renew their license.

Over 20 pharmacies and counter medical shops have been closed down by the Pharmacy Council in Tamale in the Northern Region.

Michael Ennim Ameyaw, Director of the Northern Regional Pharmacy Council, stated that most pharmacies in the metropolis are not registered and those who are registered are operating with expired license.

According to him, most pharmacy owners give the excuse that the license application takes a long time, a statement, he disclosed, is incorrect.

He added that a license can be processed and issued within six months.

Speaking on the issue of tramadol abuse in the metropolis, he said Pharmacy Council was working closely with the security agencies to clamp down on the abuse of the drug.

He indicated that intelligence gathered by the council reveals that the drug is smuggled into the region by a faceless cartel of drug abusers.

Tramadol, according to health practitioners, is an effective pain killer. However, the Ghana Standards Authority has only given approval for the 50 and 100 milligrams of tramadol to be sold.

Mr Ameyaw pointed out that despite the directive by the FDA; there are high volumes of the drug in the market.

He indicated that his outfit will soon embark on a public education to educate the public, especially the youth, on the consequences of the abuse of drugs, especially tramadol.

“Pharmacy shops that I caught selling tramadol above the approve volume will be persecuted,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Ameyaw has revealed that the operations of the council are being crippled by chiefs, politicians and opinion leaders within the metropolis, who are frequently interfering and denying the council the room to carry out its mandate of punishing defaulting members and unlicensed pharmacy shop owners.

“We are ready to work and we must be allowed to do so without political and traditional interference,” he said.

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