‘Operation Calm Life’ Will Restore Peace In Ghana – Ambrose Dery 

The government has activated ‘Operation Calm Life’ throughout the country to protect lives and properties against criminals.

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery has assured Ghanaians of government’s commitment to ensuring their safety in the wake of vicious robberies.

He said no stone would be left unturned to crackdown on armed groups that have been terrorising the citizens.

Mr Dery said the necessary logistics and equipment will be given to the police to enable them to go about their work efficiently.

The action was necessitated by the recent killings and robberies in Accra and Tema in the Greater Accra Region and Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

The operation will be carried out by a team of police and military officers who will cover the nation’s major cities.

Some security experts have warned against the “domestication” of the military, saying it will harm its reputation.


But the Interior Minister has defended the decision, explaining it will bolster the effort of the police.

“The last time we had Operation Calm Life in December, we had a good peaceful Christmas,” he said.

Expressing confidence in the police administration, Mr Dery said government will continue to review the security situation in the country.

“We are not going to stop, we are going to ensure that we motivate the police,” the Interior Minister said.

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