“Obinim Sticker” Has Gone Viral, Check Out Some of the Weird Testimonies by Social Media Users

Ghanaians are interesting people, and there is no dull moment with them because they have a way of turning even serious matters into jokes.

One cannot forget the days of Patapaa “One Corner” dance which trended for months. Ghanaians can also not forget the “Amissah Arthur Pose” challenged the rocked the nation sometime ago.

Daniel Obinim

In that challenge, social media users posed like the former vice president in a seemingly funny pose he made “unconsciously”, and shared them online.

Many crazy trends have come and gone, and now the latest trend here is the “Obinim Sticker Challenge.”

In this challenge, social media users are giving testimonies about how the “Obinim Sticker” helped them to do things hitherto they would not be able to do.

This challenge follows an “incredible” testimony by one of Obinim’s church members who narrated how something miraculously happened to her after using the sticker she bought from church.

Since then, what is known as “Obinim Sticker Challenge” is the latest trend now.

For this social media user, the Obinim Sticker blinded the eyes of Policemen so that they saw “wee” as milk:

This user claims the Obinim Sticker changed him from an ugly person to look like Van Vicker:

This user said he needed Obinim Sticker to make his room cold:

This user claims Obinim Sticker turned KFC into a “chop bar” for him:

Meanwhile, social media users have argued that Obinim himself needs the sticker to restrain him from turning into animals.

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