I am Not A Gospel Artist– Cwesi Oteng

Cwesi Oteng has some ideas on how he should be described.

Award-wining Ghanaian gospel singer, Cwesi Oteng is urging Ghanaians to desist from branding him as gospel artiste.

According Cwesi being called a gospel musician in Ghana is ‘baseless and overrated’. He made these statements . Cwesi Oteng says Ghanaians should rather call him a Christian. He says this label is appropriate since it perfectly describes his mission as a musician propagating the gospel of Christ.

His Statements

“It’s overused and become baseless to me. I prefer to be called a Christian artiste because it moves with my purpose, plan, and vision. Anyone can be a gospel artiste now so I prefer this,” he told the host. He also added that he is pushing heavenly agenda through his music ministry and wouldn’t want to be limited in his vision.

I don’t want to be urban, contemporary artiste. I am a Christian artiste. People want that, and I am not interested. I was not called to establish that. I am pushing a Christ agenda that is heavenly,” Cwesi said. The ‘Christian’ artiste further lambasted artistes who resort to controversies to express their opinion about others in their bid to be famous.

I think we have a lot of nonsense to face. I am a no nonsense person. But people like to box people with their opinions and I’m not to be boxed. I decided to be a great person when I was growing up and I prepared towards it. I am not arrogant,” Cwesi Oteng.

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