No Skimpy Dresses At Kwahu Easter – Chief Warns

Nana Oteng Korankye, Omanhene of Akuapem Berekusu has ordered the police to arrest anyone who wears a skimpy dress to Kwahu during the Easter festivities.

He contends that the festivities mark the resurrection of Christ therefore any indecent exposure shouldn’t be counternanced by the police.

Nana Oteng said that they (Chiefs) cannot sit aloof while their wards are destroyed by this rather sad development.

Kwahu is one of the places that many Ghanaians throng to enjoy the Easter festivities. The activities include the famous paragliding and musical concerts.

According to him, young girls consistently dressing shabbily at the Easter celebrations in Kwahu is gradually increasing teenage pregnancy amongst the youth of Kwahu and its environs and the earlier it is nibbed in the bud, the better for the future of the youth.

He made a clarion call to the police saying, “I am calling on the Ghana Police Service to quickly arrest individuals who show up at Kwahu dressed indecently to help save the teeming youth from engaging in sexual activities”

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