Nigerians Selling Fake Drugs To Ghanaians, GUTA Alleges

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GIPC Law 2013, Act 865-Section 27(1) stipulates that foreign traders only have the right to do wholesale business even under the condition that they employ most Ghanaians but these Nigerians according to GUTA have flouted the law to the latter.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) has accused Nigerian nationals in the country of not only engaging in illegal retailing but also selling fake drugs to Ghanaians.

“The situation has gone bad to the extent that, foreigners are now detecting our health for us. This is clear evidence. This is 2015–2017 expired products which have been relabeled by these Nigerians perceived to expire in 2020”. Mr. Maxwell  Banfo, Head of Finance of Ashanti Regional Branch of GUTA said in a radio discussion on Bohye FM monitored by

GUTA also claim these foreigners work under the supervision of some Ghanaians who have sought work permits for them.

According to GUTA the fake malaria drug has already been sold throughout the hospitals of the country and being used by health facilities.

He, therefore, accused on the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for being for responsible for the importation of the fake drugs into the country.

“This is not the first time GUTA is fighting to stop foreigners from engaging in retailing or the sale of fake goods. The association has carried out series of such event and at times threatened to demonstrate against the government”, he recounted.

The Food and Drugs Authority late last week called for urgent action from its collaborators to halt the sale of fake medicines in the Ghanaian market

The Authority said it discovered the presence of some fake drugs which are currently in circulation on the Ghanaian market and being sold to unsuspecting consumers

A statement issued by the Authority under the hand of its Chief Executive Officer, Delese Darko stated in part ‘’The Food and Drugs Authority has detected through its market surveillance activity of sampling and testing of medicines using Truscan RM analyzer, the presence of falsified Coartem 20/120 and Zentel tablets in circulation in the Ghanaian market’’.

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