I Need A Man To Marry – Ingrid Alabi

Actress and movie producer, Ingrid Alabi has shared her views on relationships and sex. These are topics that many female celebrities in Ghana do not like talking about. However, she did not hesitate on her thoughts on these subjects.

She recently revealed that she has not had sex in 3 years. She insisted this information was true considering her field of work. Her reason behind this celibacy was that she did not want to do it with the wrong man adding that most men these days are untrustworthy. “I have now made a vow to have sex on my wedding night and until then, I won’t do anything with any man,” she said.

When asked how she deals with the sexual urges; she said she takes a cold shower or eats ice cream. She said she meets men all the time but she is being careful.

The actress said she is looking for a man who would treat her like a queen. So how does she deal with those times when she gets the urge to do it. Ingrid tells Showbiz she takes a cold shower or eats ice cream to dull her feelings. “Every lady wants to be treated like a queen and loved to the maximum and once I get such a responsible man, I would gladly accept and marry him,” she said.

The actress said she is focused on building her career and this is evidenced by the fact that she recently premiered her movie ‘Adam The Eve’. Her movie has garnered critical acclaim and she said she is grateful to everyone who has supported her.

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