Nana Addo Urges Ghanaians To Give EC Ample Time To Ensure Credible Polls!

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, has approached his supporters, and Ghanaians, to give the Electoral Commission (EC) abundant time to direct a solid discretionary process.

The EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, at a prior question and answer session on Thursday, showed that it had recognized a few imperfections in its electronic transmission framework for results and has in this manner exhorted its officers to depend on the manual transmission of results.

This, coupled with the Commission’s decision to review election results from all the collation centres across the country to check reports of over-voting from certain polling stations, will ostensibly lengthen the period to the declaration of results.

The EC maintained that it would not sacrifice accuracy for speed in the declaration of the results.

In an address at his residence at Nima, Nana Akufo-Addo adopted a similar stance as he reminded that, “all of us are duty-bound to support her [Charlotte Osei] and give her that time so that we have a pronouncement that is devoid of controversy and of difficulty.”

He acknowledged that the period leading up to the declaration would leave some Ghanaians anxious but also implored that “this is the time that that we all have to remain very calm and very focused.”

“The eyes of the world are on us and it is important that we behave as people who understand their own self-worth and dignity,” the NPP Flagbearer added.

The EC at its press conference indicated that it had received results from 90 out of 275 constituencies. Over 15 million voters cast their ballots across 28,992 polling stations on Wednesday, December 7 and Thursday December 8.

The last polls closed in the Jamon North constituency where the opening of polls was  postponed to today [Thursday].

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