Mzbel says she was Discovered by Amateurs

Hiplife artiste, Mzbel says the people who discovered her were amateurish, which is the reason behind her exposing parts of her body and private parts.

According to her, Stardom just came to her by chance because she was not ready for it and the people who discovered her could also not handle her.

She said “exposing part of my body wasn’t deliberate. This whole music thing and celebrity thing came to me by chance. I was working in a studio as a production assistant and a front desk girl and they had this studio and did some freestyle and people loved it, they put it out there and I was a star”.

She indicated that “I was all over the place. It wasn’t planned. Music was never part of my plan, I never planned it, I wasn’t prepared for it, so I was going along with the flow and having fun and whatever I felt like wearing I wear and we go because even if people talk, they will come and watch it”.

Mzbel indicated that the people who discovered her were not professionals and did not know what they were doing so they moved along with the flow, they made money and shared but did not work like professional managers do.

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