Money Launderers Are Scared Of Me Because I Will Expose Them – Amidu


The Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu said “Those who think they’ve hidden funds abroad shouldn’t approve me because if they do, I will find it.” The Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu has warned the Parliament’s Appointment Committee and other Members of Parliament that he wiill expose every one of them who has hidden public funds abroad.

He was responding to questions from members of Parliament’s Appointment Committee before the approval or otherwise of his nomination.

Martin Amidu indicated that “out of the 10 offences listed as prosecutable by the SP, 6 are misdemeanours, 2 are felonies and 2 are unclassified.”

He then warned those occupying public positions that even if they steal money from Ghana and hide it in foreign accounts outside Ghana, he will find them.

“The office will be reasonable and act in the nation’s interests. Those who think they’ve hidden some [funds] abroad shouldn’t approve me because if they do, I will find it.”

“I have done it before and under my Office, it will be done again,” he added.

He explained that when found guilty of any accusation levelled against a public official “the office will have to take into consideration all the grounds for which reparation is possible.”

“If a person agrees to pay back the money they have misappropriated, ensuring they do that is better than imprisoning them and feeding them with state funds until they grow old and are pardoned,” he added.

He, however, assured the general public that he would execute his duty without fear or favour.

“Crime is crime without political colouration and that is how the Office will run if I am approved.”

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