Moesha Mocked for Allegedly Supporting Her Hip from Falling Off in Latest Photo

In the photo, Moesha wears a long blue dress which has been cut opened to expose my thigh.

Moesha herself shared this photo to her Instagram page and wrote: “Don’t allow anyone to put in position of self pity and depression in life .Those who have no joy will always find means to remove someone’s happiness from peoples lives. About last light ..Ghana football awards 2018.

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Hips or buttocks? ??

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Interestingly her fans and followers have also noticed the change in Moesha’s body, and some of them have concluded that she is now deformed.

For instance, Babby and Theophilus were of the same opinion that Moesha is seriously deformed.

babby166“Deformity at it peak God ve mercy.”

theophilus5386“Deformation .”

Obra feared the whole thing and could only manage to say: obra_y3: “Hmmmm is serious ooo.”

Ivy who seems to have a similar experience explained Moesha’s whole move.

ivymeni: “@thosecalledcelebs the thing is some people can actually move theirs so if she wants to take a picture with this angle she just has to push it to the side a bit. Thus the reason for this she just shifted it for the picture she will shift it to it rightful place after the picture.”

Patmos also shared his opinion. patmosbonsi“Its falling so she is supporting it.”

Sarbah could only say: sarbahfreda: “Fake hip and butt.”

Prince also believe Moesha’s hip is indeed no real thing. princesamekofi: “Your eyes @thosecalledcelebs please this one di3 is not hips waii.”

Moesha Boduong has been in the news lately following a donation she made to a school at Kasoa in the Central Region.

She was mocked for the donation because people claimed she didn’t work for the money she used.

Moesha is on record for stating that she sleeps with other people’s husbands to make ends meet because Ghana’s economy is too hard for her.

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