Moesha Mocked for Allegedly Bleaching Her Skin and ‘Forgetting’ Her Knee as Latest Photo Shows

In the photo, Moesha Boduong is seated with her legs crossed revealing a dark complexion on her knee which do not match with her skin colour.


Base on this, some of her fans and followers on Instagram are accusing her of bleaching with ‘Abijan Samina’, a locally manufactured bathing soap.

To ascertain the basis for this new accusation on Moesha, We went through some of her pictures she recently uploaded on Instagram.

Interestingly, it was found that her knees have this same black colour but that has often gone unnoticed.

For instance, a video and photo of Moesha also reveal her real knee colour.

The photo has thus raised concerns over Moesha’s real colour.

Atamfo stated plainly that he suspects Moesha’s knee colour is as a result of ‘Abidjan Samina’

atamfo_b3ko_lowbattery: “Me de3 abeg oo… you guys should let me enjoy my Friday in peace. I think this is effects of small Abidjan samina . Mada wai. I’m shleep.

Offeibea wondered why Moesha would expose her knee because she wouldn’t do that

addooffeibea“If my colour no be original I don’t expose my self too much.”

Kendrick also had his own definition of Moesha.

owusukendrick: “She be fool.”

Moesha Boduong seems to be in the news always for the controversial reasons.

She was recently accused of being deformed and supporting her hip with her hand to stop it from falling.

Moesha also made a donation to a school in Kasoa some days ago, but she was teased for the donation because some people claimed she did not work hard to earn the money used for the donation.

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