Miss Ghana Saga: The Case of Margaret Dery

The rumours surrounding the happenings with regards to the Miss Ghana pageant, its organizers and the winners are becoming more and more prominent as the days go by. Just recently, three former Miss Ghana winners: Stephanie Karikari (2010), Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (2013) and Antoinette Delali Kemevor (2015) have opened up about the ordeal they went through at the hands of Exclusive Events Ghana: the organizers of the Miss Ghana pageant headed by Inna Patty. The face of Exclusive Events has been accused of emotional and psychological abuse, exploitation of the young women and putting them in uncomfortable situations for sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances for money to support their projects and lifestyles as beauty queens.

Though Inna Patty has come out to deny the allegations levelled against her and Exclusive Events, her account of events is not very convincing. The consistencies in the narratives presented by the former queens suggest that these are no longer just rumours but facts. If these former winners went through such ordeals then by way of projection, we believe the current Miss Ghana, Miss Margaret Dery (2017) will receive her share of the horror. In our quest to find out more, we had an exclusive interview with a source close to both the current queen and the organizers.

These are the damning facts we found out:

1. Miss Margaret Dery hasn’t received her prize package. Every day, Inna Patty gives a new excuse about the delay in presenting her with the winning prize. The likes of Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Miss Malaika have taken the cars and cash prizes promised them. Margaret still takes an uber to attend programs.

2. Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) gives Ms. Dery 3 fabrics a month though Margaret attends approximately 3 to 4 events a week. So she is forced to purchase more materials with her own money and per the contract, she cannot wear any other brand but ATL.

3. Per the contract, she has to work at Exclusive Events daily, which she doesn’t get paid for regularly. She sometimes picks a taxi or uber and if she is late, Exclusive Events fines her GH 100. The queen gets fined for lateness though Inna Patty and her team do not arrange for transportation for her to the events she is assigned to attend.

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