Men like Independent Women and not ‘mobile money’ ones– Fella Makafui

Giving us some early in the week motivation is Fella Makafui, a leading actress in the popular youth television series, You Only Live Once (YOLO), has finally explained why she is the toast of many men.

The actress in a social media post has also advised young ladies to be hard-working and independent so that they would stop bothering men with ‘mobile money’.

Fella Makafui posted a beautiful photo of herself in a wine shop believed to be owned by her.

According to the actress, it is time young girls like herself started working hard and earning something for themselves than being lazy and always chasing men for ‘mobile money’.

Fella believes that ladies who work hard and are independent are respected by men; therefore urging them to be like her.

She wrote: “Men like independent women, hardworking ones, they like boss ladies ……..So to my young ones WORK till you need not to introduce yourself, not all of them like doing mobile money Guys am I lying???”

By her post, it could be concluded that Fella Makafui is touting herself as a hardworking women – a reason most men would want to date her.

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