Men Only: 6 Ways To Win The Heart Of A Ghanaian Lady This Harmattan Season

We are at that time of the year when dust and dry weather hits us in the face like it’s no one’s business. The Harmattan season does not only remind us that the year is coming to a close but also that we need to now do things differently so as to adjust to the weather.

6 ways to win the heart of a Ghanaian lady this terrible Harmattan season

6 ways to win the heart of a Ghanaian lady this terrible Harmattan season

But what’s the use of doing things differently if indeed there is no reward for that? As men and single men at that, no season passes without us searching for that pretty lady to fill the void in our lives and the Harmattan season is no different.

In this article, we will be exploring all the things we need to do during the harmattan to win the heart of that special lady we have always dream of dating.

1. Keeping a healthy skin

There is no lady in Ghana interested in moving out with a man who cares less about his skin, especially during the dry season. The harsh dry winds of the harmattan leave our skin always dry and this is the case of most Ghanaian men who have dry skins. Survive this scary experience by applying some lotion on your skin before stepping out.

2. Maintaining a clean shave

Harmattan just does not do harm to the skin but also the hair. Your hair tells a lot about you as a man. If you happen to be a very hairy Ghanaian man, then maybe, just maybe, maintaining a clean shave this Harmattan season could be your best option. A low, clean shaved style leaves you naturally clean and safe during the Harmattan season.

3. Sharing your secret with that special one

Do you know how appreciative any lady will feel after sharing with her some products you use in keeping your natural beauty during the Harmattan? This works more than magic. Ladies appreciate it when they realize the gift you have for them actually reflects their needs, especially in a harsh season. It could be buying her that special collection of skin products or maybe a rich collection of makeup.

4. Never leaving the lips dry

Our lips tell everything about us as men. A chipped lip is a no-go for women and so is a sore lip. No one kisses a sore-lip. You can maintain your healthy lips by not just applying a good amount of petroleum jelly or shea butter but also keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough glasses of water every time.

5. Defy the odds of the harmattan and exercise

The cold and dry nature of the Harmattan often turns most men away from the gym. This should and never be your side of the story. Exercising on a regular basis does not only keep you fit and strong but also builds up your entire physique as a man. No woman wishes to see a frail and unfit man. In fact, it turns them off, especially during the Harmattan season.

6. Everything in moderation, don’t try to please.

Never try pleasing a woman. Not even during the Harmattan season. No one wants to be with someone whose identity is questionable. Just try being yourself this season and who knows, your dream lady could be on her way to saving you from this world of being single!

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