Meet the Tanzanian Model Who Has the Body of a Goddess Just Like Moesha Bodoung

When you talk of beauty you think of facial features that draw you to a person but for this young lady, there is another point of attraction.

She has a body shape which raises eyebrows and she knows how to send humans to another world just by releasing photos of herself.

Welcome to the world of the Tanzanian Instagram model, Jacqueline Obed, who has been setting social media on fire with her gorgeous photos.

For Jacqueline, it is all about the body which keeps her 88,000 followers glued to their phones on days she decides to flaunt her curves.

Jacqueline knows she is not your everyday woman and she is maximising that to her advantage.

With such curves, Jacqueline will likely be a toast of many men in her home country and may even be the reason why some men will leave their wives. (We hope not)

But to be frank, Jacqueline’s photos are just mind-blowing and will most definitely get a lot of men drooling.

Looking at Jacqueline’s photos, one may not be wrong to say she is the Moesha Bodoung of Tanzania. She has a goddess-like body just as the Ghanaian actress and behaves on social media just like.

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