Meet The Beautiful Lady Who Cried After ‘A Plus’ Shares His Marriage On Social Media!!


According Kwame A Plus, all his former girlfriends stopped picking his calls after he announced he was married.

Kwame Asare Obeng known widely as A Plus married his long time sweetheart Akosua Vee. Traditional rites for his union with Celebrity Stylist Violet Bannerman known as Akosua Vee was performed over the weekend.

The controversial rapper in a Facebook post announced;

“Enough!!! Owner!!!! Done!!! Akosuavee Ab Bannerman!!! Signed!!! Sealed!!! Delivered!!! #Wife!!! ✌✌✌”

The controversial rapper posted a few hours ago;

“My grandfather, ɔpanin Kwaku Duku married 18 women. They never fought…. they lived happily together till he died at 98 years.
I posted a picture of just one wife and all my girlfriends have stopped picking my calls kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa today’s women paaaa diɛ bɔi….. Masre saaaaa Ok cool. You people can go. If I was your brother will you ask me to eat jollof for the rest of my life? Herh Ghana girls #Aba bullshit so nyin The picture diɛ I won’t stop posting Stiiiiill Akosuavee Ab Bannerman ✌✌✌✌✌ #Comfortablelead ‘

Guess what! A lady named Mercy Bee seems to suggest she is one of the ladies not picking A Plus’ calls


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