Meet Prince Senyo, the Young Physician With the Heart of Gold Supporting Cancer Children

Prince, a 25-year-old medical laboratory worker doing his national service at the 37 Military Hospital, is touching the hearts of children living with cancer of the blood.

His name Gator really suits him, as Prince may not only be rich in the pocket, but more importantly in the heart.

Prince Senyo with an affected child at the hospital

Interestingly, Prince himself is a survivor of Leukemia. Out of 50 people living with this type of ailment about only 5 to 10 survive and he is lucky to be one of them.

He was diagnosed in 2009 but the condition was spotted in him in 2002.

His personal experience with Leukemia prompted him to make an effort to educate and support kids living with the condition.

Prince Senyo has also on many occasions, preached against the stigmatization suffered by these kids from their classmates in schools, neighbors, friends and even family because he believes that all these kids need is love.

Prince is a graduate of the University Of Health And Allied Sciences.

He had his inspiration from a British doctor who was championing this course, but sadly lost his life along the way.

Prince then decided to take the mantle upon himself and formed a foundation named Living Dreams Foundation, to educate the public about Leukemia and donate items and support kids living with the condition.

Some children who have benefited from Prince Senyo’s kind gesture

He always remembers what he went through as a Leukaemia patient when he was at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

His treatment took almost 7 years but with God on his side and support from family and friends, God saw him through.

The cause of this health condition is not known but it is said some factors can lead to being prone to this type of cancer.

Prince Senyo and his team makes a donation to Korle-Bu

Prince and his team raise funds single-handedly and go to high schools and the malls plus other places to educate the public about the ailment and also use that opportunity to appeal for funds which is later donated to the oncology department of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

There is a website for the foundation which is or they can be reached on Facebook with the name livingdreamsincorporation; which is same for Instagram and Twitter.

Prince Senyo’s co-founder is Cujo Ansah, and the two, together with their organizing secretary, Philip, are indeed doing wonders for these children.

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