Meet Maame Serwah Donkor; Young Female Ghanaian Graduate Who Ventured Into Large Scale Snail Farming

Nowadays, many tertiary graduates complain of minimal job openings to appeal for therefore, unemployment keeps soaring. The story is different for Maame Serwah who has seen beyond becoming an employee and has set up her own snail farm.

Meet the pretty young lady who has ventured into snail farming despite her educational background

Maame Serwah Donkor

Maame Serwah Donkor, an Operations & Supply Chain Management graduate of the Accra Technical University started her snail business with some 60 snails from her own backyard.

It is reported that she is also be the Sales and Marketing head of Reality Sports Consult.

She indicated that her love for snails as a delicacy pushed her to start her own snail farm. She indicated that snails were only available twice a year and she could not wait for the snails to be in season before enjoying her favorite meat.

She started her farm with the intention of making snails available all-year round to snail lovers at affordable prices.

Meet the pretty young lady who has ventured into snail farming despite her educational background

She added that she currently has some 2000 snails in her farm and they are of different edible species.

Over the period, she has trained herself to become an expert in how to rare the snails and it is part of her dreams to share her knowledge with others who want to venture into the business.

She was hopeful of seeing tremendous progress with her work. She indicated that most malls do not have snails as part of their stock and it would do people a lot of financial good if the snails remained in season.

Snails are a delicacy enjoyed in many homes in Ghana and other parts of the continent. The animals are believed to be very nutritious containing fatty acids, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium and are a rich source of vitamins E, A, K and B12,

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  1. I should like to start a medium scale snails farm in Kitase. I’d be very grateful therefore if I could reach Maame Serwah Donkor to see what I could learn from her outfit for my own undertakings. Thank you very much for helping me get in touch.

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