Meet Gladys, the 23-yr-old Model Who Prefers to Spend on the Needy than Herself

When we hear of models, we often think of the flashy lifestyle and the expensive things that come with it.

But 23-year-old freelance model, Gladys Rockson, has decided to cut down on such expenditure to use the resources to help the needy.

For this purpose, Gladys has set up The Rocksons Foundation (TRF) to help the needy.

Gladys Rockson

According to Gladys who doubles as a modelling coach and a stylist, she is motivated to help the needy because she believes “in living not only to please God but to be a source of blessing to others.”

So far, Gladys’ foundation, has undertaken projects which has taken her to Vome in the Volta Region where Gladys and her team went to “inspire the ladies to take education serious instead of taking pride in getting pregnant and the number of kids they have and also advise mothers to enroll their daughter in school.”

Gladys’ project at Vome

After their interactions with people, they donated educational materials, clothes and other items to the inhabitants of the village.

Gladys, a Physician Assistantship student at the Central University College, also teamed up with some colleagues of hers to visit the Ho central prisons.

There, the group held a health screening exercise for inmates, offered some medication, and also donated items including food, soap, mosquito repellent, books, Bibles and a special donation to help a woman who had delivered a baby girl in the prison.

Gladys and her team at Ho prisons

Apart from these projects, TRF has also undertaken other philanthropic exercises including donations to schools, payment of hospital bills for the needy.

“People ask how I get funds , but honestly, I save. Instead of buying a bag that costs GHC400, I would rather help the needy,” Gladys proudly stated.

Coming from a relatively large and not so privileged family, the former Senior Prefect of the Yaa Asantewaa Girls SHS (YAGSS) in Kumasi, has seen some hardship in life and is bent on using her resources to help people instead of acquiring luxurious items.

Recounting her childhood, Gladys, revealed that she had to sell sachet water on the streets to support her family which comprised of nine children from her father’s two marriages and her situation worsened when her dad passed away when she was still in Junior High School.

It was against this background that she developed the passion to help people who genuinely needed it.

Meet Gladys, the 23-yr-old model who prefers to spend on the needy than herself

The logo for Gladys’ foundation (L) and an award she received for her work in 2017

And she is gradually gaining recognition for very commendable work.

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