Meet The Ghanaian Chef Making Ghana Proud In The UK 

It’s no news that Ghanaians across the globe are excelling in their various endeavous. Be it in academia or business.

Elvis Yordor is one of such Ghanaians raising the Flag of Ghana higher.

Elvis has been working as a chef in the United Kingdom (UK) for the past five years and is currently the head chef at The Anglers Rest in Bamford , Manchester.

“It’s amazing. I love it,” he said of his experience working there.

In 2015, Yordor set up a Facebook page, called, “EatMyFood” to display his healthy food and recipes for his followers.

It’s been just two years and the page has garnered a huge following (23k Likes and followers), with followers calling on him to establish restaurants in Ghana.

“Eat my food educates people on how to eat healthily,” he averred.

To give back to where he came from (Ghana), and giving listening ears to his followers, Yordor is bracing up to establish a chain of restaurants in Ghana.

He was tight-lipped on details of the restaurant but assured that, “it will be something different.”

At age 15, he was already in a cookery school at Hohoe, in the Volta region of Ghana upon the advice of a Reverend Minister.

As months raced past, he relocated to Accra in 2003 working for Dolce Vita restaurant at Labone and then at Upscale Noveaux in Osu.

He also worked at Bigmillys backyard in kokrobitey as a cook and was appointed head chef after 9 months, when the head chef at the time left his position.

He had stints with Dodowa Forest Hotel also as head chef before moving to the UK.

Yordor was recently featured in the Derbyshire Food and Drinks Magazine in the UK.

Elvis Yordor2

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