Meet Frimpomaah, Young Lady Taking The Barbering Business Serious In Kumasi

Somewhere in Kumasi, a young lady who is making a profession in barbing and when this kind of job is mentioned the first thing that comes to your mind is this is for a male.


Frimpomaah Owusu Ansah is one that is redefining barbering in Ghana, albeit being a lady

On a daily basis she works as a barber and a makeup artiste for both males and females.

Her story was brought to light by a Facebook user named Apos Prospero Ntim, who claims Frimpomaah is his sister.

[She] barbers (both male and female hair cut, perming cut), nails makeup, eye larshing, pedicure, eye brow tattooing, temporal body tattooing and she also plaints hair”.

He revealed that Frimpomaa has always had the dream of becoming a barber but has been out of business for sometime now due to a lack of support

she used to work for somebody, but stopped due to unstated reasons. 
”She was working for someone but for now she has stopped… we have find her a container that she will soon be a master and start working for herself,” Ntim disclosed.

Meet the lady taking the barbering business serious in Ghana


Meet the lady taking the barbering business serious in Ghana

Frimpomaah is definitely making a difference, especially in an area where males are most dominant. 
Having a female barber is very rare in Ghana, but for this young lady, that is what she always wanted to do and it’s a dream come true.

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