Mathew Opoku Prempeh Threatens To Take A Gun If A Teacher Abuses His Daughter

The Education minister Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh has threatened that he would pick a gun if a teacher ever abused his daughter sexually.

He was addressing some head teachers in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

He called on head teachers to protect the female students from sexual abuse and also take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

He asked the school heads to put themselves in the shoes of the parents of girls who are sexually abused. Dr Opoku Prempeh said he would not take it lightly if anybody abuses his daughter.

“We are all heads if these young girls were our daughters how would we feel? Anybody without an uncaring feeling will suffer the consequences thereof. If you have your daughter in the school and notice that virtually somebody is breaching the relationship; I know some people here who will take up guns, if it happens to my daughter I will take up a gun.”

“Somebody’s daughter is equally your daughter. As head of schools, you act in place of parents. Things that we do that affect girl child education irritate me in a very different way. We cannot let our young girls be subjects to such inhumane treatment. We cannot allow that to continue. I’m going to hold every regional director responsible. If such things happen in your schools act appropriately,” he warned.

His comments follow the reports of sexual abuse against young girls in secondary schools across the country by their teachers.

More than 10 girls at the Ejisuman Senior High School in the Ashanti region have admitted to being sexually abused by their teachers. The teenagers made the admission to a committee probing rising sexual abuses in the school.

However, Dr Opoku Prempeh said recent abuses against girls in schools across the country have brought shame to the Ghana Education Service.

Meanwhile, a Justice of the Court of Appeal, Her Ladyship Justice Irene Charity Larbi, has cautioned male teachers to desist from having sexual relations with school girls.

She said that male teachers who have sexual encounters with female students will be dealt with accordingly.

She explained that “they (the girls) are entrusted to your care by their parents with the understanding that you will provide them academic and moral guidance. It is most unethical, not to mention criminal, for this duty of care to be compromised by amorous relationships.”

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