Married Ghanaian Man Opens Up On His Wife’s ‘Strange Behavior’

According to the man, his wife, instead of washing his already-worn boxer shorts, was rather wearing them and it has led him to suspect some ‘foul play’ in his marriage.

He confessed that he was a womanizer but for a while, he did not have the eyes for other women despite the fact that he was interested in a few of them he saw around.

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His mother, who was visiting him because her daughter in law had given birth, recounted his wife’s strange behavior to him and it has got him thinking.


His strange post read, “Hi Dave…My mother has been living in my house for Four (4) months now, helping my wife at home with the new baby. My wife’s mother is late, so she actually insisted on bringing my mum. And, they are cool with each other.

My mother texted me a few days ago to pay attention to certain observations she’d made about my wife. I found out just recently, my wife wears my used boxer shorts – instead of her *****.”

He continued and revealed that “Dave, it’s kinda weird but she does that! Not the clean ones, but the ones I have already worn and expect her to wash. According to my mother, these things has its own spiritual implications. And to be honest, I’ve been attracted to certain ladies I really wanted to know, but then, for whatever reason, I kept my distance from them… Which is so not me. I like the attention. I love the adventure, you know what I mean?”

He went on to seek counsel and advice for anyone who knew what the implications of his wife’s action were with, “Do you think my wife is selfishly trying to lock me only to herself? Because, I can’t have any of that. We’ve been married for Three (3) years and can you believe I haven’t had the opportunity to look outside? Not even once! Meanwhile, I was doing all that when we were dating.

I want to stop wearing boxers to save myself from some of these selfish and evil girls. Has any of your followers had similar experiences, and how were they able to break that act?”

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