Man Hangs Himself Over 900 Cedis Debt

A driver has sadly taken his life over a GHC 900 debt at Alajo, a suburb of Accra.
The driver, named Sampson Kwaku Ayisi committed suicide in the early hours on Friday.

Confirming the incident, his wife said she suspects Kwaku Ayisi took his life because it was becoming difficult for him to pay a GHC 900 debt.

The late driver, who was married with three children, was found hanging in the kitchen by his wife Thursday morning.

The wife, Lydia Wiafe, said that, “my husband is a trotro driver and he is owing his car owner, a police office, an amount of GHC 900 which represents the daily sales for 9 days.”

A daughter of the deceased, Amanobea, a teacher, disclosed that the police officer had earlier threatened to kill his father by invoking curses on him if the debt was not settled by Saturday.

“The car owner showed us two eggs and a bottle of schnapps when we visited him Monday to plead for more time. He warned my father that he would be dead by Saturday if the debt was still outstanding,” she said.

The police have started investigations into the cause of death.

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