LIST: 5 Fears Ghanaian Men Have On Their First Date

The first few dates people have are like job interviews, with everyone on their best behavior. Who knows what will happen when your date becomes a real partner a couple of months down the line?

Each gender has a unique set of fears based on their biology and the normal socialization we all go through. In this article, we take a look at five of the most common fears that men have when they are considering a dating relationship.

1. That you’ll be different from what he’s expecting.

One of the fears of men on a first date could be the possibility of his date being different in person than he imagined. If your phone calls and texts are sometimes too good to be true, this fear will be present on the actual first date.

5 fears men have on their first date

2. Is she high maintenance?

Another fear guys have is if the lady they having a first date with is high maintenance. If the lady shows any signs of fussiness during the date, he starts to panic a bit if he can keep up with her demands.

5 fears men have on their first date

3. Am I the only man she is dating?

Guys feel like on the first date more than ever, there’s insane pressure to really wow a girl. So he worries if he has competition and what their game plan could be.

5 fears men have on their first date

4. You won’t give him another date.

Yup, before you’ve even ordered your main meal, he’s already wondering if you will want to see him again and if he is living up to expectations. He will try to gauge his progress with you in terms of whether he thinks you’ll be up for another outing. And if he’s unsure, it’ll stress him out.

5 fears men have on their first date

5. What will be the right time to touch her?

Making any physical contact with a girl at all for the first time can be really stressful for guys. He’ll have a battle with himself: he wants you to know he wants to kiss you, but he doesn’t want to come off as pushy or overbearing.

5 fears men have on their first date

What is your biggest fear when you go out on a first date? Share with us in the comment section.

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