Let Ebony Be, She Is Just Building Her Brand-Ebony’s Manager To Critics

Manager of the ’90’s Bad Gal, Ebony, has responded to claims that the ‘sponsor’ singer is showing too much nakedness.

According to Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly called Bullet, Ebony’s brand is an international brand. Therefore adding that, musicians including some critics needed to cope with her style.

Ebony he said, was just building her brand adding that, “to say, she shows too much nakedness is a awful. She does what she does to please her fans. That does not mean she is showing too much or whatever”.

Ebony was in the news for exposing almost half of her private parts at the just ended 4Syte TV Music Video Awards when she was captured in a video.

The news which has since been debated on several social media platforms received mixed reactions from critics who believed Ebony was getting out of hand.

Bullet’s Speech

Speaking on the nude video performance, bullet said, someone at the event intentionally zoomed in on her private area just to make news and disgrace Ebony.

“On the red carpet at the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards, Ebony was wearing something under the blue dress but I learnt something just pushed her for the small part of the nakedness to show and because some journalist wanted to disgrace her, they did not zoom anywhere but the pubic hair.”

“Actually, I have never seen the video myself or the pictures they are talking about.”

“She never went to the event with the intention of showing her pubic hair to the audience, she respects herself and the brand as well.”

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