Law School Students Boycott Exam Over ‘Unrelated’ Questions (Photo)

Students of the Ghana School of Law on Thursday boycotted an examination, claiming the questions were not related to the subject they prepared for.

According to the students, even though they were writing a paper on Criminal Procedure, two of the questions had absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

The situation was compounded by the fact that one question had been cancelled, reducing the options available to them as compulsory questions.

One of the affected students narrated to Citi News that, “When we got to the exams hall, we had six questions on the exam sheet and we were told question two had been cancelled, so we were left with five questions to answer of which we were supposed to answer four.”

“Then we realised the question one and question three fell under a different topic altogether, which is evidence. So what it basically means is that we had only three questions to answer. How can a student answer four questions out of three questions in the exams hall?”

The student acknowledged that mistakes could happen, which is why he urged the authorites to “go back, bring another set of questions that fall under what we have learned so far so that we can adequately write an exam on it. That is why we didn’t write the exam today [Thursday].

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