Lady Claims Wendy Shay Has Taken Over Ebony’s Boyfriend Too

The young man who was said dating Ebony before her untimely death, O’gee the MC is allegedly dating Wendy Shay, the singer who is also often referred to as Ebony’s replacement.

According to a social media user, the two have been too cosy together since Wendy was signed by Rufftown Records and she suspects something going on.

Taking to her Facebook account Adwoa Animah questioned whether the record label had dedicated O’gee to dating their female artistes.

“Is it that this guy is the official boyfriend for Rufftown music demma female artists or what? See the whole Gh ebi this guy who doesn’t struggle to chop aswear ????”, she posted with a picture.

As expected, her post generated a lot of debate as many wondered what she was driving at.

Myke who saw nothing wrong with the two’s closeness pointed out clearly that taking a photo with someone does not make them your lover.

But Adwoa came back with more ‘proof’. According to her, the Snapchat stories of O’gee and Wendy suggests the two were more than friends or label mates.

Another person, Aston tried to debunk Adwoa’s suggestion saying O’gee was only the official MC for Rufftown and has ‘never date any of the artists before’

Adwoa would not budge and she came to post a video of Ebony and O’gee to disprove Aston’s claim.

It was not all argument though, as some people agreed to or believed what Adwoa was suggesting like Survivor who wanted a ‘ back pass’ [whatever that means].

And Nana Ama who couldn’t just laugh

While the Facebook user’s claim can only be taken as a rumour, it must be noted that Ebony and O’gee’s relationship was a big secret.

It was only after Ebony’s death that the lid was opened with the release of chats between them and videos of them cuddling popped up on social media.

Before then, O’gee had been known to be the guy who introduced Ebony to Rufftown CEO, Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet, and later became her hypeman.

It is not yet clear if O’gee had a hand in bringing Wendy Shay to Bullet but he is still the hypeman. And if he dated Ebony while still her hypeman, it is possible he could date Wendy Shay.

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