Kumchacha To Sue For Injunction To Be Placed On ‘One Corner’ — ‘The Song Is Destroying Lives’

Founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as ‘Kumchacha’, says he plans to head to court to seek an injunction against Patapaa’s hit single ‘One Corner’ ever being played in Ghana again.

According to Kumchacha, the dance associated with the song is immoral and is destroying lives in this country.

Speaking on Kofi TV, Kumchacha asserted without evidence, as usual, that the song had increased the rate of fornication amongst the youth and was bringing down the moral fibre of the nation.

The ‘One Corner’ dance involves gyrating your hips in any corner you find once the song starts playing and since it became a national sensation, it has been diminished and degraded as ‘demonic’, ‘madness’ and many other negative adjectives.

For Kumchacha, based on all these he would go to court and get an injunction against it. It’s not clear if such an injunction would have any legal basis.

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