Kumawood Actor Speaks On How Women Complain Because Of His Small Size

Popular Kumawood actor, Don Little, has disclosed that the size of his manhood is almost making it impossible for him to have a woman of his choice.

Ghanaian actor, Don Little

Kumawood actor, Don Little

According to the 20-year-old actor he has had an encounter with five women but have all complained bitterly about his size.

Speaking on Adom FM as a guest to discuss an Indian telenovela Don Little revealed that the size of his manhood has cost him many beautiful ladies.

“Women reject me because of my manhood. They claim it is too short and does not give them the satisfaction they want,” the actor said.

Don Little said he has slept with about five heavily-endowed women but the complains have been the same and embarrassing.

However, the actor is confident he will one day find a woman of his choice who will appreciate and accept him for who he is.

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