‘Kneeling Before My Husband Doesn’t Prevent Me From Being A Feminist’ — Gifty Anti



Gifty Anti has come out to defend her feminism after she was accused of hypocrisy for ‘kneeling’ before her husband in a photo.

Feminism these days seem to be all about ‘men bad, women good’, and Anti, who’s been a long standing feminist, was heavily criticized for ‘submitting’ to a man when the feminist ideals seem to suggest the opposite.

Anti has heard the criticism and has hit back, explaining what exactly happened in the photo and explaining that she was not ‘kneeling’. Even if she was, she said, does that mean she cannot be a feminist?

“It seems the word FEMINISM and the coming up of young ladies joining the movement is scaring some people.  It was my birthday, 23rd January, 2017, and my husband gave me a stool. I was so excited and honored. He put me on the stool and I hugged him.  But well according to some bloggers, I was kneeling before my husband and so some feminists are ‘heartbroken’. Lord have mercy” she wrote.

2And by the way what if I was kneeling before my husband?(who is a chief too). Does it make me less of a feminist? Which feminist code does loving your husband break? My Name is Oheneyere Gifty Anti and yes I am a FEMINIST, married with many children.” she added.

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