Karim Zito Claims Insists His Black Starlet Players Are Ready For The Qualifiers

Head coach of the Ghana National U-17 team, Abdul Karim Zito says he has developed a strong team which can lock horns with any side on the continent.

Karim Zito, who serves as the Technical Director for Dreams FC demands his Black Starlets players are prepared for the qualifiers and he has the advantage of handling an alternate arrangement of similarly skilled players in the event of any mishap.

“I wouldn’t say all is well but I can tell you my team is ready. I have different sets of players to match any situation and game now.” he said

“In all, it is the results that matter. As you can see, the qualification process has changed and has moved to all West African countries are going to be put into two groups and the winners will be picked. It is not an easy task,” Karim Zito says.

“As a coach, you have to be aware of the situation you are in and on that you have understood the situation and make a decision on the type of move you need to take. We’ve considered these all and we are moving gradually.

Ghana placed second in the 2017 AYC tournament in Gabon and also reached the knockout stage at the World Cup in India.

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