John Dumelo Dated My Sister but Left Her for Another Woman – James Gardiner Reveals

Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner has revealed that colleague actor John Dumelo left a relationship with his [James] sister to go and marry Gifty Mawuenya.

Dumelo married Gifty on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in a traditional marriage ceremony at Lashibi in Accra.

There had been rumours that the popular actor might have jilted other ladies to settle with Gifty. On the day of the ceremony itself, reports surfaced of a lady claiming that Dumelo only broke up with her about two weeks to the time.

It turns out that Gardiner’s sister is one of the ladies Dumelo left for his current sweetheart who was recently sighted flaunting her curves on social media.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News TV at Bibi Bright’s wedding, Gardiner confirmed that Dumelo was in an amorous relationship with his sister but did not accept the claim of her being jilted.

According to the Zylofon Media actor, though he knew for a fact that the two were dating, he does not know why he did not take her to the altar

“I know they were together but as to how things didn’t go, how it was supposed to be, whether they had a misunderstanding or they agreed that they had to go their separate ways, I had no idea,” he stated in the interview.

The actor stated that he does not involve himself so much into the life of his sister so whatever happened between the two should be their own issue to solve since they are adults who know the good and bad.

“Whatever happens between her and John’s life is between the two of them. They are adults and I don’t like meddling in the people’s relationships.”

Gardiner also pointed out Dumelo’s breakup with his sister never affected their friendship because “their (his sister and John’s) relationship is none of my business. They are adults and not kids for me to hold their hands and cross the road.”

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