Jobless Nurses Threaten Another Demo After Govt Fails To Honour Its Promise

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According to them, the government promised to provide them with jobs but has so far failed to honour its promise.

Members of the Coalition of Unemployed Bonded Nurses and Midwives have threatened to demonstrate against government if nothing is done about their situation.

In a statement released on Monday, the nurses and midwives said they will picket the Ministry of Health if they are not posted by Monday, 23 April 2018.

They complained of going through hardships but have been “kept under lock” because they are bonded and cannot work outside the country.

“We are hungry and suffering, our knowledge in nursing is kept under lock and that is so worrisome to us and our families,” sections of the statement read.

The Coalition further lamented that “the delay of financial clearance, hence delay in postings, is an emergency concern that ought to be addressed with immediate effect to curb the emerging challenges we are facing.”

The statement added: “We are facing a lot of challenges in our homes [and have become] a burden on our family and society as a whole; private hospitals are not employing us because of the bond agreement between us and the government. We cannot travel to other countries when the opportunity arrives because of the bond between us and the government.

“The promise of the deputy minister, Hon. Tina Mensah must not end up as erroneous to the entire nation. We were assured that by ending of March, clearance would be ready but that hope seems to be a mirage because the month has ended but we are still at home.

“We believe in the competency of the Minister of Health and government that this release be treated with great importance else we will not be responsible for our action later. We shall troop to the Ministry of Health in our numbers on the 23rd April 2018 if appropriate response is not issued immediately!”

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