‘Jesus Christ Isn’t The Real Name Of The Messiah’ – Another Bible Scholar Sets Records Straight

Just few days ago, a popular reverend in Ghanaian came out to say Jesus is not the true son of God and later denied the video allegation. However, we the hope that we’ve seen and heard it all, another bible scholar is here what his own opinion on the who the true Messiah really is.

A Bible scholar Paul Osei Agyemang has claimed that Jesus is not the real name of the messiah, contrary to what many Christians of today have been made to believe.

According to him, the real name of God’s son is Yashua and not Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is not the real name of the Messiah - Bible scholar sets records straight

Bible scholar Paul Osei Agyemang

His comments come after Rev. Owusu Bempah also made same claims in a recent interview with Kofi TV.

There has since been a debate among Christians over what the real name of God’s son is, with some sticking to Jesus Christ whiles other say it is Yashua.

However, Mr Osei Agyemang, who has been a Bible scholar for many years, insists many Christians have been misled.

In an interview with Kofi TV, the Bible scholar said Yashua is the true name of God’s son and not Jesus Christ as many Christians believe.

Watch the full video below:

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