It Will Be Unfair If I did Not Confront NPP With The Naked Truth- Ken Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapon unites NPP

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, Controversial New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Assin Central has said the reason why he talks freely and publicly about issues in the party is because he doesn’t want the party to be taken by surprise about issues they are not aware of.

They complain about me talking publicly but many of them when you talk about it in the room with them, they won’t take it.” He said.

“NPP members have a problem with me because I talk about things publicly.” The MP noticed.

He said the NPP in government has more time to correct the mistakes he points out.

“I am talking about it because we are just in the first quarter of 2018 and of our first years.” He explained.

“When I talk about it now, they have a chance to correct it ahead of 2020. It is better than hiding things… That’s why when issues come, I want us to talk about it now” he added.

“I don’t want us to lose in 2020 and be surprised about our defeat. When it happens that way I have not been fair.” He ended.

The NPP has carved a reputation of say it as it is for himself in the governance of Ghana, irrespective of which party is in power.

While some of his ‘rants’ have been investigated and found to be without any basis, such as his allegations against the Minister of Communication and Executive Director of the National Identification Authority, He has chalked some succcess by exposing Woyome’s dubious payments, the double salary paid to former NDC Ministers serving as MPs and has generally made comments that often reminds the ruling party not to neglect the youth and party grassroots on whose back the party rode to victory in the last elections.

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