I’ll Pay The $20m To Save Ghana – Mahama Ayariga

Founder of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga has advocated to pay the $20m Ghana will benefit from the US military base deal so that we cancel the deal.

Ayariga said the money Ghana stands to benefit is not huge and he can pay the government so that we abandon the deal.

“Ghana’s sovereignty is not for sale” – and he promised to pay that amount to government to annul the contract with the United States

“I will pay $20m to save Ghana”, he said.

The Minister of Defence Dominic Nitiwul has categorically denied that the deal is a shortchange for Ghana and he insists it will help the Ghana Army.

Asked if he has such whooping amount in his account, he said “I made my first $1m at the age of 22. So at 45, you don’t think I have that money? I am ready to pay that $20m to save Ghana”.

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