I recently found out that my gateman for the past two years as been my fahter

They say this world is a small place and indeed it is a small one.  A young man who’s name and identity will not be disclosed for now recently found out that an old man who has been his gateman for the past two years now is actually his very own father.

Yes, this is not a plot for any Kumawood or Ghallywood movie, if that’s what you are thinking right now because this is a true life story.

In a Facebook post made by one user today, he disclosed how his friend was sad, troubled and devastated  after he found out that the man who has been his gateman for the past two years is actually his very own father.

From what we gathered, the young man’s man’s father got his mum pregnant and never bothered to take care of them. He run off, leaving his innocent mother to go through all the pain and humiliation alone. His mum died while giving birth to him because of the pain and suffering his father put her through.

The boy’s mother’s family took care of him and ensured he was ok in life and vowed never to give this man a second chance, should he ever return.

The young man who is believed to be in his 30s is now a very successful business man who travels outside the country very frequently for business.

The person who made the post said, his friend saw this old man whom he didn’t know was his father then was saddened when he saw him old aged, poor and looking for a job. He decided to give him a job as a gateman so he can earn a decent living.

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How He Got To Know He Was His Father

According to what the Facebook user said, the  boy’s aunty who was living outside the country came back home and it was when she visited him and saw the gateman and realised, it was the same man who impregnated her sister some years ago and abandoned her.

Her aunty then told her that, the man who is his gateman is actually his own father. The young man as it is now is devastated, sad and troubled and has been crying since after he found out.

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