I Planned My Arrest to Test the Loyalty of My ‘Boys’ – Ibrah Speaks

Ibrah One, the young man touted as one of the richest people in Ghana has opened up on his arrest and ensuing issues following reports that he had been caught for money laundering.

According to a report sighted on Mynewsgh.com, some of Ibrah One’s close confidants blew a minor issue out of proportion and mixed it up with a ‘fake’ arrest of the millionaire.

It was purported that the arrest of Ibrah One, touted as Ghana’s richest young man was a way to test the loyalty of some of the people who were benefitting from the benevolence of the rich man.

According to reports, Ibrah was monitoring happenings of his ‘fake’ arrest while he relaxed at Pergola Spa. He added more controversy to the issue by making some damning allegations on social media site, Snapchat.

The young man who was allegedly arrested for money laundering in one of his houses was seen in a video in an office looking very disturbed with many people claiming he was crying.

A young man by name Stephen Gabriel Heloo, according to many reports was the one who ‘ratted’ Ibrah One out to Interpol leading to his arrest.

Stephen Gabriel Heloo is reported to have indicated that Ibrah One owed him $400,000 and refused to pay back. Ibrah’s reluctance to pay back led to a report being lodged to the police which brough a lot of heat on Ibrah.

It has been alleged that he was arrested by a joint force of Interpol and BNI officials as he tried to flee the country.

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