I Dislike Everything About Broke Guys, I Can’t Marry One – Actress Baby Blanche

From all indications, almost all the actresses in the country want a man whose pocket is dapper before saying yes to them. Many moviemakers have mentioned the type of guy they want and money has always been in the qualities.

Actress Baby Blanche is out with one thing she will not downplay when choosing a life partner.

Speaking on MzGee’s Gee Spot entertainment program on Joy Prime, the actress cum movie producer stated emphatically that she hates everything about broke man. Thus, she’ll never marry a broke guy in her life.

In the voice of the “Hot Fork” actress, love alone doesn’t pay bills at home, therefore, she has to settle down with a man with whopping amount in his bank account. Baby Blanche further explained that;

“it is the responsibility of the man to take care of her woman so there is nothing wrong if a man is spending his fortune on a woman so far as the wife is also doing her part as the bible says. The world is changing and everything is all about money so I’ll never marry any broke man.”

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