‘I am no more an angel but ‘Jesus Christ’ – Controversial Ghanaian Bishop, Obinim

Bishop Obinim preaching

Controversial Ghanaian Bishop, Daniel Obinim who is the founder of International God’s Way Church declared that he is no longer an angel of God as claimed in earlier sermons to his church members.

According to Obinim, he has now graduated from being an ordinary angel to Jesus Christ the savior.

Obinim in a latest video has been sighted claiming that he is now the real Jesus on earth

In a video believed to have been recorded in Accra branch of his church, one of his members was spotted confronting Obinim saying, ”Angel, you lied to us. You are not an angel but rather Jesus Christ. “

However, Obinim after hearing his new ‘accolade’ from his member called on all his junior pastors to join him celebrate his new ‘Jesus’ title in front of the congregation.

Just as they were walking in front of the congregation, one of the pastors whom he [Obinim], referred to as Prophetess Leticia said, “Angel, I am seeing Jesus Christ. You are the one am looking at right now. You are the Jesus Christ of Nazareth.“

The self-acclaimed Ghanaian Bishop has been widely criticized over the years over his style of miracles.

The Christian Council of Ghana has declared Obinim fake and have warned all Christians about his activities.

However, the religious leader continues to experience massive church growth across the country,

Obinim recently made media headlines for adding a brand new Rolls Royce vehicle at the cost of $300,000 to his fleet of cars.

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