Hosting Of US Military Affirmed By The Parliament

Ghana's parliament

The military arrangement gives the USA “unobstructed” access to the US to send troops and military gear in Ghana.

It gives assess special case to US military Contractor and expects Ghana to give the US runway for US military task.

“United States forces shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance, construction, and development costs of agreed facilities and areas provided for the exclusive use of United State: forces unless otherwise agreed,” it said.

In return, the US will invest $20 million in the Ghana army and police service as well as host joint-military exercises together.

Ghana's parliament

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery and Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul argued that the deal was in the best interest for the nation, citing growing terrorism in countries bordering Ghana.

Before the minority stormed out of parliament, the minority leader Haruna Iddrisu slammed the deal.

“We will not be part of the process to endorse this deal in its current form because it is not in our national interest,” he said.

Earlier, demonstrated wearing red march to parliament to persuade MPs not to approve the deal. They were, however, blocked by the police.

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