Hormonal Imbalance might me the Cause of Your Infertility

Most times, women ignore and underestimate the power of their hormones because they are silent and invisible but the truth is, they drive many of your body activities and in particular your reproductive health.

Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone play a huge role in preparing the ovary, eggs, the uterus for successful conception. Never create room for any hormonal imbalance.

When any hormone is out of balance, it can make pregnancy incredibly difficult. In fact many fertility problems can be traced to this…hormonal imbalance!!

Problems and challenges such as irregular periods, ovulation, polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), fibroid, among others can be traced to some form of hormonal imbalance.

So what causes hormonal imbalance?
Hormonal imbalance can be caused by several factors and most common is stress.

Other causes range from the use of synthetic products, foods, lotions, cosmetics and even the use of artificial contraception.

That’s right! Sometimes, you actually consume these hormones to suppress conception but the body is not quite happy on the long run.

For example, many of the things you consume contain chemicals that mimic of the most important hormones in the body which is oestrogen. When you consume these chemicals, your body thinks that they are oestrogen and start to use them.

The overload of estrogen in your body gives rise to some problems like fibroid and even other diseases such as cancer.

Stress is also a big factor in hormonal imbalance as mentioned above .

To be honest, in these day and age, it is so easy to Have some form of hormonal balance because the demands of living and working not only promote stress, they encourage poor eating habits. Hormone drugs like birth control pills, use of abortion pills and

primary ovarian insufficiency..,all causes hormonal imbalance..

If you aren’t a nursing mother but your breast is heavy or discharging fluid, that’s your Prolactin. It’s probably high. Get help..

So what if you’ve had your hormonal profile test done and it comes back as abnormal? Can hormonal imbalance still be the reason you are not conceiving? Yes it can! Can this be effectively treated??? Yes!

You’ll need an appointment with your GP or gynaecologist on the best possible way out this after getting a hormonal profiling analysis done in a laboratory .

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