HomoSexuals Are Children Of Satan – Rev Martey

The man of God believes gays shouldn’t be tolerated in society as they are from the devil.


The former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Emmamnuel Martey has ripped into homosexuals, describing them as satanists.

In a sermon at the Agape Gospel Mission in Accra, Rev Martey said, “Most of these homosexuals, they are satanists.”

He also said, “For somebody to call himself or herself a Christian and homosexuals or lesbian at the same. For me I don’t want any argument…they say they were born that way, okay, you were born that way but if you say you want to be a Christian there’s something, a doctrine in Christianity called regeneration, being born again if you were born homosexual and you want to be a Christian then you must be born again.”

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