Should Homosexuality Be Legalised? Here’s What Ghanaians Are Saying

While some see homosexuality as an unacceptable act in society, others also see it as a right.

In the Western world, and in some African countries, there are laws to either legalize or ban gays and lesbians. In Ghana, the matter is currently hanging.

And it has been made even more controversial after AMNESTY Ghana waded in the debate, petitioning parliament not to enact a law to punish those who are caught practicing homosexuality.

So now the big question is: Should we as Ghanaians legalize homosexuality?

Most people who responded to the poll expressed sheer incredulity and were unwilling to believe that it should even be discussed in Ghana. The views of all the people who commented suggested that Ghanaians truly don’t want homosexuality to be “legalised” in Ghana.

Another thought that was shared across replies was how homosexuality was “unbiblical and unnatural”..

There you have it.

Ghanaians have spoken and it is obvious majority are against legalizing homosexuality.

The issue is likely to continue dominating the headlines, however, it will be up to our legislators to decide if the act will be legalized or not.

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Video credit: PulseTV, poll by YEN

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