Hiplife Artist Warns Patapaa Over His ‘One Corner’ Hit – ‘Your Fans Will Reject You Soon’

According to Atom, Patapaa’s current hit is likely to only last as far as the audience enjoys it, and he would have a hard time producing another hit song.

Ghana will forget you- Patapaa warned

Atom Reloaded

Atom opined that if Patapaa did not release another music banger like the ‘One Corner’ song, Ghanaians will certainly lose interest in him.

The hiplife artist stated that Patapaa should not get comfortable, as that will surely end his music career before it had even started.

I didn’t get too comfortable with just that so I decided to release other songs with other musicians just to be relevant in the industry. Even after all these efforts, not everyone loves my follow up releases like the way they felt attracted to Ye Wo Krom, but I can’t complain, I am still doing my best to stay relevant,” Atom added.

Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ is the new popular song on the airwaves and it has taken the Ghana music scene by storm.

Your fans will reject you soon- Hiplife artist warns Patapaa over his 'One Corner' hit


The song’s popularity was even more fueled by the internet trend that was created due to the lyrics of the song, where people engaged in the ‘One Corner’ challenge.

So far, social media is awash with videos and photos of people moving along to the lyrics of the song in various ‘corners’, and challenge has even gone beyond the shores of Ghana.

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