Here’s Why We Normally Fear Pretty Women; According to Ghanaian Men

Some Ghanaian men have decided to lift the lid on why they sometimes fear to approach women who are pretty.

It is not something that most men like to admit, but in truth, even the bravest of men sometimes face this conundrum.

Whiles some men blamed the luxurious nature of pretty women, others pinned it on a variety of observations including character and godliness.

Why Ghanaian men are afraid to approach beautiful women

The question posed was: “Why are men scared of pretty ladies?”

One account by the name Gideon Hey said pretty ladies usually come with a lot of expenses, hence he will rather stay away than spend a chunk of his earnings on a lady.

He wrote: “Until you are a man of vision you wouldn’t know the burdens the so called pretty ladies carry along. They are rather in need of men; most because they say to themselves if our character cannot get men then let appear outwardly attractive and see if we could get some, but rather ends up scaring men away because most men think they are too expensive and could definitely be big men’s girls. But not knowing in their head when they see a man approaching it is ringing ‘bro please call me now’. He who buys expensive car must be ready to spend huge on it for maintenance.”

Another man by the name Baquir Mohammed said pretty ladies cannot be trusted in a relationship and that is why he abstains from them.

He simply wrote: “They are not to be trusted, the more pretty they are the more dangerous they become.”

One other guy called Shadrach Asumang had a rather different view, explaining that the idea of men fearing pretty women is mental.

According to him, only men themselves can understand such a feeling, saying it is the opposite with ladies.

He wrote: “It’s a mental distin… Only men can understand. Why do ladies like handsome guys? Ladies can understand this one the best too.”

Surprisingly, a lady called Mary Opoku Gyekye joined in the conversation and asserted that men are usually careful when it comes to pretty women.

She wrote: “They are not afraid of pretty ladies but rather they are just trying to be careful. No man will want to marry a pretty who can’t cook or do her duties as a wife or girlfriend well. They would prefer someone who is less pretty but can perform her duties well. That is what I think.”

The above are just a few of the responses from some Ghanaian men on why they fear to approach pretty women.

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