How To Handle Anger In Your Relationships

As humans, it is normal for us to get angry but when you are in a relationship it is important that you know how to handle your anger so you don’t ruin your relationship by yourself because anger has destroyed so many relationships so it’s important you know how to deal with it.

Here are sure-fire ways to handle anger in your relationship.

Photo credit -  Ebony Magazine

Remember to be calm: “Iron sharpens iron so do anger, try to be calm when your partner is angry because the calmer you remain when your partner is angry the quicker your partner would become calm; it’s difficult to remain calm when your partner is shouting at you especially when you know you are right but it’s best you try to remain calm”.

Just listen: “Never underestimate the power of listening, your partner wants to feel heard and all they need from you is that you just be quiet and listen. Listening isn’t a big deal really but it’s so difficult for us to just listen especially the men who always feel they are the man so why listen when she should just do as we please but it’s so wrong, listening to your partner makes her feel you take her seriously so try the listening technique”.

Deal with the anger: “It’s very important you deal with the anger the moment you notice it, when you notice your partner is angry, it’s important you do something about it immediately; ask questions; try to know why your partner is angry, leaving your partner with the anger could make things worse”.

Seek for peace: “Have you ever wondered the power of the word sorry? sorry is a powerful word that calms so learn to say sorry, always try to make peace when your partner is angry; say sorry; acknowledge your faults and you would be amazed at your partner’s reaction so don’t be too proud to say sorry”.

Feel your partner’s pain: “When your partner is angry, they want you to see things from their point of view, sometimes saying ‘’I understand why you angry’’ could be what your partner wants to hear, they want you to acknowledge their feelings and it’s advisable you so things don’t escalate”.

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